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Buying A Home With Burke Lord Real Estate

Through years of professional experience, local area knowledge, and proven negotiation skills, Burke Lord Real Estate is dedicated to finding the perfect home fit for you and your loved ones.



Search For A Home With Confidence

As a professional real estate agency located in southern New Hampshire, we have over 20 years of combined experience helping our clients purchase their homes within the local area and northern Massachusetts. Our proven buyer’s process involves educating our clients on the steps to take, current market conditions, and ensuring that your search is done with confidence every step of the way.


Looking To Buy A Home? We’re Ready To Help.

Throughout the process, we as your buyer’s agent will be committed and focused on your search for a home. At the end of the day, our goal is to leave you happily holding the keys to your future home, beginning life’s next great adventure.



Perks of Hiring An Experienced Buyer’s Agent

We understand that, while exciting, buying a home can also be an overwhelming process, especially when you’re not quite sure on where to start. As buyer’s agents, our priority is guiding you through the home buying process, ensuring that you understand current real estate pricing trends, handling the searching for you, and submitting competitive offer letters.

  • Diligent Buyer Representation
  • Powerful Negotiators
  • Professional Insights
  • Showings Scheduling & Planning

Buyers Timeline // At A Glance

Everything you need to know to get started on your home search.

Get Pre-Approved

Check your credit scores, assess a comfortable down payment, and receive a pre-approval. Don’t forget to incorporate things like closing costs!

Start Your Search & Pick One!

Decide on your wants and needs like number of bedrooms, bathrooms, large driveway, open kitchen etc. and then start searching for your next home!

Draft An Offer Letter

Offer letters are a great way to win over the seller by tying in family stories or why you love their home so much.

Initiate Home Inspection

Although home inspections are not mandatory, they bring piece of mind in knowing what the home needs or will need in the future.

Submit Your Competitive Offer

We will guide you with the right offer to keep you competitive and help you with your offer letter if need be.

Find Home Insurance

Among the incredible amount of paperwork, don’t forget to start getting quote for home insurance.

Receive Commitment Letter From Lender

You received official approval from the lender to move forward with the home buying process.

Get A Home Appraisal

It’s always best to get an appraisal to ensure the accurate value of the home. Lenders most likely will require one so they do not approve a loan for a lot more than it’s worth.

Request Necessary Repairs or Credits

It is extremely important that you request any repairs or credits you see fit.

Final Walk-Through

Always conduct a final walk-through to make sure you didn’t miss anything!

Close On Your New Dream Home!



Gain Access To Our Robust Network Of Real Estate Vendors

  • Real Estate Attorneys
  • Local Lenders
  • Home Inspectors
  • Title Companies
  • Moving Companies
  • Insurance Brokers

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Work With Us

Whether you are buying or planning on selling, our team is waiting to hear from you. Contact us today to for a free consultation!